Best Ecommerce Solution

The Ecommerce market is growing at a fast pace. The buyers have shown a huge inclination towards it because of the convenience and safety it allows. There are a lot of new trends emerging in the market and the designers have a lot of thinking to do.


There are decisions to be made which are related to finding the right payment gateway, introducing the social media strategy, strategy for customer retention, SEO strategies, and what not.


The designers get worried about ensuring that they will be able to all this or not. One thing that they should realize is that they have a lot of support and thus they should not worry about doing everything alone.


When they have a strong platform to start their Ecommerce and have a strong CMS then they should be rest assured that they will come up with a strong and suitable site.


The designers should take ample time to figure out which of the platform they would want to use and which is that will best suit their need.


For broader understanding there are two types o platform Managed e-commerce and Content management system. The difference lies in the name the managed E-Commerce platform will have hosted server and one will not have any access to it and the CMS is owned by you and you will self-host it on the platform.


1) Megento : There are many E-Commerce websites and the largest share is enjoyed by Megento. 21% of the top websites are created by this platform. This is one of the most popular and best CMS that is being used today.


The popularity of the same lies behind a large number of plug-ins and extensions which are available with it. They add a lot of functionality to the website and enhance the experience of the users. It also has an active community that supports the designers in need.


2) WooCommerce : This one is a WordPress plug-in which is very common while building E-Commerce websites. There are a large number of website which uses this plug-in. The popularity of it is hidden in the functionalities that it provides to its users.


This is highly friendly and cost-effective way of creating a highly functional website. It runs on WordPress a highly popular medium and has a great community support.


3) OsCommerce : Out of the1,00,00o sites available almost 11% are created using OsCommerce. This is one of the first platforms that were created.


It comes with active community support and is very easy to use. There are huge plug-ins and functionality available for the users. It is user-friendly and hence created website which are easy to use.


4) Drupal Commerce : When it comes to popularity Drupal is the second most popular platform after WordPress. The Drupal plug-in is a plug-in for E-Commerce websites and comes with the advantage of the brand.


There is seamless integration with Drupal and thus bloggers and website owners find it very useful as a whole. It also understands the importance of SEO and thus allows easy integration of the strategies.


5) Opencart : This one is created for ease of use. It is another name in the list that users often find convenient because of its simplicity.


The backend is easy to use and it comes with high support from the forum and support staff. There are suitable plug-ins which can be used as per the requirement of the website. It allows the user to edit the CSS from the admin area thus giving higher control to them.


6) Shopify : This one is a hosted platform and thus comes with added features and support. Shopify is a popular name which is often the first name to strike when one is thinking about E-Commerce. It is also a popular platform that has many sites to its name.


There are huge numbers of addons along with beautiful and professional templates to create a stand apart website. It comes with SEO compliance and has a strong customer support system which is available 24X7. It comes with a price but when you are earning through the website then the cost is minimal in comparison.


7) EKM : This is also a hosted platform which comes with great service. The platform was introduced in 2002 and might be small compared to the rest of the name but the service is not. It has many websites to its name and enjoys a huge clientele.


The best feature of EKM is its customer support; apart from the regular functionalities they mainly focus on a dedicated support which means that there is a devoted account supervisor for each account. In case of any query and issues it is one of the best to use.


8) Volusion : This one is huge in the US and has many websites all over the world. It comes with huge features and is known for creating a great website platform.


There are account specialists who offer personalized services and thus the website will not suffer in terms of support. It comes with a very easy to use interface and offer flexible plans for the users.


9) Bigcommerce : This one is also a known platform which has about 17% of the website online out of 1, 00,000 sites. There are additional help resources that are available to the users of BigCommerce and it comes with an easy to use interface.


This also means that the users of the website find it easy to maneuver. There are different plans one can choose from since it is a hosted platform. The buyers can upgrade when they deem fit and start with the basic plan to start.


10) PrestaShop :- This one is an open source platform which has all the functionalities that come with such kind of platforms.


The advantage with using this platform is that it comes with a training course option which means that the owners get a chance to learn things and create a website on their own. There is a lot of support provided in empowering the users and thus it is gaining popularity amongst many.