Web Design Trends 2018

Every year the web designs trends change, the year 2017 was quite interesting with new ideas and themes.

The developers and head of the studios state that they are always working on creating designs that will suit the requirements of the users.

Apart from the technical advancements, there are many added features that the new user’s demand, apart from that there is a growing trend each year that come to the surface when the developers are creating something new.

The customers or the visitors respond to that trend positively and hence the developers also prefer to use that. It is likely that many website owners are comfortable with the existing designs and would stick to the current option, but finding out what the market has to offer has no harm.

The leading designers and studio heads share what they have been looking at and share where the industry has been headed. Keeping a track of the same is important for every web owner.

What is New in the Year 2018?

A few of the things might look like a repetition or something that you already use. The trends may be to follow what has worked in the past year and change few aspects of it. This list is designed to share what 2018 will have for the internet.

1) Web Animations:- The idea of any website is to communicate with the visitor in most effective manner. The use of animation has become common to show the strength of the brand. It is less static and highly dynamic.

The use of animated GIF will continue, the funny GIFs are expected to be on the roll. They communicate the whole idea in a simple format.

Since the GIFs do not make the site heavy to upload they are most preferred. Well designed and well-crafted GIF are what 2018 will have in store.

2) Play with Colors: – The past years have seen the use of bold colors for display. The world switched from soothing pastel colors to bold and attractive colors.

There was some skepticism about the use of such wild colors which was proved wrong. The visitors responded well to these new web colors and they were a hit.

There is no reason why not to use such colors even now. Using interesting colors the designers are exploring ways to deliver an exceptional experience to the visitors.

3) Typography: – Making it easy for the readers to read is one important aspect of any website, keeping them attracted to the content is another. The use of typography has been a powerful medium to reach the goal.

The combination of various different styles to make the content interesting is going to be the new trend.

Since the screen resolution has improved the designers now look for personalization in the typography. This adds to the aesthetic effect and keeps the reader hooked.

4) Use of data for Storytelling: – There is no way content will be replaced but the use of data for telling the story has made a mark on the visitors.

The year 2018 will see new technology to make the use of this data more capturing. The use of AR and VR advancement will improve the data visualization. The mix of the technology will bring about this change which is already common in the gaming world.

5) Standard Design Tools: – Not a month have gone by in the past years when there was no new took development. The plethora of options has created a challenge for the agencies.

The market is flooded with a tool most of them being the replica of each other without any standardization.

The year 2018 will see a platform that is set up for creating standardization in the design process. With this in place, even web creators will be rest assured that they are using the right tool and will save a lot of time researching.

6) Flat Designs:- Whoever thought that flat designs are dead should be surprised. The new version of flat designs which are better called as semi-flat designs is ready to hit the market.

They have a new color pallet with a soft transition. They work with minimal layout and shadows. They will be using the best-of-both-worlds.

7) Use of Illustrations:- Use of illustration provides personality to the website. They are highly engaging and do not hamper with the functionality of the website.

Since they are available in various sizes and shapes they are fit for different requirements. The illustration makes the website interesting and helps deliver the content in an engaging way.

The use of drawing breathes life into the content which has a huge positive impact on the website. The websites who are looking for creating a perfect balance between personality and functionality should use illustrations.

8) Use of Artificial Intelligence:- Artificial intelligence is not something sophisticated that has kept its impact on high profile organizations.

It has slowly and creatively crept its way into mainstream web design as well. Many designers state that the owners use AI without even knowing it. The year 2018 will continue to see the use of AI and many processes will use it in its subtle form.

9) Asymmetric Layouts: – The year 2015 saw the use of asymmetric designs when ‘spotify’ used it to deliver the music. It looked just about right for the display. It is still commonly used in its most basic form by many developers.

The change in the year 2018 is expected to bring the asymmetric designs in a more creative ways. Finding out new and interesting ways to present the content is what 2018 is all about.

10) Creating a New World for Mobile:- Earlier the web content was created for other devices and was made to be compatible with mobile devices which have changed now.

The current trends are all opposite which will create the content suitable for mobile. Since these Smartphone have become the primary device used for web viewing the designers have focused all their energies on them.

The years 2018 will help the website owners to choose from a large variety of options along with the possibilities of holding on to what they prefer.