Applying App Design Concepts to Website Design

This has become a new option for website designers to use app designs for redesigning the websites.


The use of App design concepts makes the visitors experience better and it involves a lot of changes right at the planning level.


If the users have seen the best practices or the trends in the application of design one thing that is in common with them is that they have their focus on the right thing.


This is the experience of the users, functionality, and usability. Even when the website has a lot of other features its success largely depends on these factors.


The websites cannot just be about appearance, of course, it gets the crowd but to sustain them is another game which is possible only with other sets.


There are some simple and effective habits that are an integral part of the app design world which are applicable to the website design but mostly ignored.


Planned Layout: – For the small screen apps the layout is something that is thought about the way ahead of the time.


For them it looks like a necessity s they have to make an efficient use of the space, but what makes it not so relevant for websites? Nothing, right?? The websites that have an edge over others follow the same extensive planning of layout.


If apps are using the planning for a layout to increase the usage of the app the websites have the same reason to follow suit.


The websites often use the layout that is a trend or that is being used by other websites. There is no harm in following a pattern as far as you know that you have been honest in your research and you feel that this is the best for your website as well.


It is common to use existing layout, there are so many blogs that follow the same pattern just because they have worked for popular blogging sites.


The point here is that it is not in the best interest of any website to blindly follow something. There is no reason why if it has worked for one it will work for the other as well.


The appeal here is to find out the users way of using the website, how they want it to be and when you have a grip of that use the layout that best suit this and the not the trend as the trend might not lead you anywhere.


You might require is a little bit of research, mix and match with things to create something new and extraordinary.


An app is created with a specific need or use in mind. They are not much about content, they are more about use. The users thus become the center of any app.


The websites might now argue that there are a few that are solely for content but that does not mean that they cannot be user-centric.


The website has a lot of option to improve the functionality of the websites.

It can divide the navigation into sectors helping the users to get to where they want. The use of highlighting the important sections or parts cannot be overstated.


There is no limit to the combinations of actions that can make any website more user-friendly and high efficiency. The users can make the website unique and depict what they want with these simple changes.


A blog is all about content right? There is nothing actionable for the readers and thus the use of the web app designs and tact are not applicable.


What is stated here are just common thoughts? Now think about creating this heavy content based website using some features of the App design.


Now for blogs instead of just putting all the contacts right there for the reader how about making it easier for them to find what they need. You use the commonly used search bar and create categories.


How about an interesting filter, how about creating a choice option and making it personalized? Create a tool that helps the reader find the information they are looking for, this will make them connect with the blog on a personal level.


This is how great app features can be used in a website design to add to the experience of the user and better functionality of the website.

This is just one example adding interactivity and user-centricity has many ways and forms.


It is often seen that the visual appeal of the website is focused on. It is not unimportant but let’s stop making it the most important aspect as well.

You may have the coolest and the prettiest looking website but that will not help solve the visitor’s problems, which ultimately means that the client or website owner’s problem will increase.


Think about the aesthetics but design the website keeping the target audience and their needs in mind.

This is why the website that has a focus and a goal to achieve via that are more successful then websites that have mixed agendas.


It is simple; when you have one goal then you can create everything around it and even measure the success.

The correct mix of design, aesthetics, and functionality is what App designs are and that is how website designs should also move forward.


Now, that we know that most of the internet users make use of these smartphones to access everything in the online world. Using the mobile first approach is a great strategy now.

The static websites are not applications and thus they should not be treated that way. The focus here is on the concept that one should deal with and add to the website.


It should be applied to the web design to help with a better outcome. The website’s focus should shift from visual appeal to user’s interaction.

The competition will be faced with an edge when the users find the website preferable over others. The performance of the website which is the ultimate aim of any website owner is achieved with this strategy.