Best Color Tools For Web Designers

It is most often seen that the websites that are created by using the templates tell you to choose your color from the pallet. It sounds great to have the authority and power to choose the website color that one likes but deciding on the best color sometimes becomes an issue.


The color should be such that it attracts the visitors and should also blend with the rest of content. Any color which is too bright might lead to an unattractive website and some colors which are too light make it look very dull.


The right combination is thus what one seeks while deciding on the colors of the website. The website designers should not feel that they are alone in this quest of choosing the best-suited color for the website.


The website designers should think about the tools that are available to them. They can choose the one that best suits their needs from the large variety that is available to them. Here is the list of most popular and loved tools which are easy to use and leads to great results.


Adobe Color CC


This is a highly popular tool which has been used by many experts. It was previously names Adobe kuler and comes with many features.


It has a huge pallet of colors that allows you to try different combinations in one go. You do not have to finalize unless you are convinced that you have reached the right combination.


This serves as your inspiration from all over the world. There are huge resources and is compatible with the Smartphone devices. You can even use colors that you have seen anywhere else by just clicking a picture and saving it. The pallets save the color for you to be used at any other place where ever you deem fit.


Color Lovers


When you felt you were all alone fighting to find the right color for your website here is a huge community who share the interest. There are a lot of images and color pallets that you can pick and choose from.


They are even categorized properly so that it becomes easy to identify these colors. The best part about using this option is that you will get an idea of what is trending. Think about the community and know what they are using.


These colors are all rated in a manner that the best among them is identified with the views it gets. There are also colors which get a love vote which means that it is a liked choice. Now depending on the number of users and of course active users the popular colors definitely come to surface.




This one works as a color generator. It is fast in responding and has a huge color pallet to choose from. It is highly useful for picking up combinations as there are so many colors available.


There are many color options for sure but what makes this tool so popular is that it is easy to use. The new users can learn to play with colors in no time and the combinations are generated in the same manner.


The tool takes the main color of the image and then shows colors which will go perfectly with them. This one is thus regarded very useful when the colors of the website are to be created. The pallet has many shades and the users can create combinations and test them.


If they deem fit then they can use them on the actual website. This allows a foreground to test things and even allows an automated way of producing colors. Since it is easy to use and very user-friendly it is preferred by many designers.


Color Snapper 2


This one is a very specific tool which is created for OS X Yosemite. The graphic designers who use them know that this one is a professional tool which comes with much functionality. Despite its specific creation, it is highly useful for many forms of websites.


The users might take some time understanding the technicalities of this tool. The designers get to play and modify the colors to create something of their choice. They can even organize the colors and even adjust the whole set up as per their wish.


This tool gives a lot of power to the designers and is very impactful. The designers can zoom in and find the color to its absolute realness. There is no reason to not use this tool if it suits the needs and the purpose.


LOL Colors


This one is a very simple way of creating color combinations. This one is a curated color pallet that makes it very simple for the users to pick colors of their choice.


This one is very easy to use and has many colors on the pallet. The users do not have to worry about losing the one they liked in the process as they can add that color to their ‘favorite’ list and access it later anytime they want.


There are also a lot of active members using this tool. They all not only take the colors they like but build a community here. The users get to see what is very popular here and they can even vote the colors that they have used or liked.


The best part about this tools is the very well organized pallet that allows the use of color in the easiest manner possible.


It is not possible that a website will be created without the use of colors. In fact, thinking about any social medium the users will find that they need the best play of colors to make the page that is visible to the world.


The colors pallets thus play an important role when you cannot imagine how the colors that you are imagining will look in real life along with the content shown.


Choosing the best color tool will be up to the designer and their needs but the above list contains the ones that are highly popular and used by the experts.