Best Free WordPress Plugins for Mobile Websites

Anything that the users should realize is that the world of technology is changing at a fast pace. The users who access the internet is using mobile phones and it has been strongly established that any website that is not responding to these need will suffer from the number of visitors they enjoy. The mobile users make quick decisions about buying or any action which is related to the website.


The website that is responsive to both the small screen and large screen is not easy to make. The knowledge of creating a website with such functionality is what the creators should now focus on.


It is common knowledge that all the WordPress users are not front-end developers. They come from various backgrounds and take up the work in their hand because of business needs or habit if they start blogging.


The research which has been made in the direction shows that more than 30% of the traffic comes from mobile users for most of the websites.


There are many multiple users who use mobile devices which are fast and safe to use the website and even make payments.


It is also a known fact that mobile users make quick decisions on these websites so any call to action or even the purchase. This works in the favor of the website owners and they enjoy the traffic.


It is also said that this is going to increase over time and the users will be more in coming years which establishes the fact that the website users should create a website that has mobile-friendliness so that the traffic is enjoyed by the website.


The website that should use great plugins can change the existing website to a mobile-friendly format. The following plugin is considered great and they make the website interactive as well.


Jetpack:- Most of the website users require a website plugin which does not add any additional cost for them. The Jackpot is one such WordPress free plugin with good functionalities.


It is a tool that provides an engaging mobile version of an existing website. It does not take a lot of time to set-up and is also user-friendly in a way that starting with it is no hassle.


The benefits that one’s enjoys with it are easy management and great service. This one tracks the number of visitors to the website and shows a proper statistics to the blogger or website owner.


It is compatible with the web users and also gets more traffic to the web site by using enhanced tools and features. It is one such plugin which takes security to another level, there is protection service that secures the website when logins are made or any force attacks are being made.


There is an easy media upload option and the time for the same is also less. This one is useful and highly compatible with new users as well.


No complications and the new users can manage the plugin when they just first use it. There is a dashboard which allows all the management and the publishing of the post is also made easy.


WP Touch

This is a very simple plugin for WordPress users. This one is specially built for the WordPress users which allow interactive mobile interface. There is a lot of customization that can be used and there is a user guide that allows the users to create a website the way they want.


There are many advantages to using this plugin. One which is the most important advantage of using WordPress is that it is recommended by Google.


This is a Google-friendly way of changing the website to a mobile version. The websites that are converted using this format are tested on Google and have shown great results. There are also elegant themes that get the users started with the site.


There is a quick and immediate display of the mobile site when the visitor clicks on the link. There is also a premium version for users who want added functionality but the free plugin is also great and highly effective. There is a great interface and the users find it very friendly to manage and use this plugin.


WordPress Mobile Pack

This is also from one of the best service providers in the market. This is a great and user-friendly way of enabling the mobile users to enjoy a suitable version of the website. This one provides a webmaster tool to the package and the content is changed to an interactive format.


This one is more focused on the content based websites and loved by the content creators like publishers, webmaster, and bloggers. This one allows the website to appify the content without creating a web app for it separately.


The website is optimized in such a manner that the visitors enjoy a mobile version without having to use a different app for it. The website should be directly accessed via a browser but also have similar functionality as an app.


There is also mobile reorganization and device adaptation The plugin works by using the detection technology to check the device of the users and then providing them with a navigation option according to that. The mobile web app is easy and it adjusts the content of the website according to the screen size of the device.


It is great with Google Analytics and allows Google Adsense to display ads on the mobile version as well. The websites which enjoy good traffic or the ones which want to create a great traffic for their website should use this plugin. When the biggest search engine proposes the use then it is definitely a great way to change the existing website into a mobile-friendly design.


The option for the users is many and the website owners should start using these plugins which provide added options and higher functionality to the users. The mobile-friendly websites are the future and it is likely that the traffic at these places will increase in long run.