Blogger to WordpressBlogger is a closed source program and hence doesn’t offer much in terms of themes, designing and also cool latest features like widgets, social media integration and ads from other sources other than google or own banner ads etc.

Hence the need for blogger to wordpress conversion.

If you are novice and just writing for a few months and yet to achieve any PR (Page Rank) of Google for Blogger then you might consider going to (which is free but limited again) or self hosted your own blog (

Here are the steps you need to do while getting this conversion:
1. Hire us as your wordpress theme designer LOL!
2. Get your own theme designed.
3. Relax. Alright we will do the coding this time.
4. Tell us the blogger username and password. We will just install new wordpress set up on your new hosting and then using Wordpress import function click on blogger and ask Wordpress which is a smart CMS to update all of the posts in new wordpress blog.
5. Install the theme and here you go. Your new Wordpress site is ready.
6. If needed maintain permalinks of your wordpress site.

But if you own a blogger site which is older and has Google PR and do not want to risk losing all the PR. Here are the somewhat complex steps you need to perform:

1. Ask us and relax (LOL!)
2. Or else do the following steps and try yourself:
a. Import all data from blogger to Wordpress as explained above.
b. Go to blogger. Click the template tab and then save it as blogger.php and then include it as a template file in the new wordpress theme.
c. Back up your blogger site. Follow instructions from blogger on this or google it.
d. Now wherever the template file is used in the blogger replace it with the root of your wordpress site. Like replace it with

e. Now in the blogger.php that we have from earlier step just add this javascript.

f. Add the following in the head of your blogger.php file: Click here
For javascript users to get redirected.

g. Now republish your blogger blog.

h. Make your wordpress site live.

i. Test. It will work. Go to Home page of your blogger and it should redirect to your wordpress site.

Lastly also tell Google about your site move:

Google Webmaster

Hope this article helps a lot.