Get a website for yourself that helps sell your book or books.
There are millions of websites and so many books selling online and hundreds of book websites there.
So its very important you get your piece of info right on the website.
What are the pages and info that should be present in order to get the buyer buy your book.
1. Home page can include about the book and a brief summary of what it deals into.
2. About page can include the idea behind the book and about author.
3. Preface page or Sample page to read an interesting page or note from your book. Many people also include a short pdf of around 15 -20 pages of starting pages.
4. A video interview in home page or sample page of the book is recommended.
5. Podcasts, video testimonials and other testimonials of how this book helped others. Can have a dedicated page for testimonials if there are many who wrote about this book.
6. Store page where they can buy the book or buy now page.
Although on each page we can have the option of buying the book.
7. Finally the contact us page for contacting the author of the book.

Now there are many who also want to add a blog to the website in order to keep on constantly writing about the problems people face and mentioning about the solution written in the book. This is one way to keep your readers intact and to gain more traffic and publicity for your book and website.
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