Nowadays every company needs an effective website to not just have a web presence but to clearly communicate and differentiate itself, its products, brand and services from the others.
Hence the need for Corporate websites.
Corporate websites are all about branding and conveying message to your target audience about:
1. what you believe in
2. what your products and brands are
3. what are your services
4. differentiating yourself from others
5. your roadmap to success
6. Press releases and many more.
Corporate websites may also have separate login section for its clients. They can also have career sections.
Even employee sections for having the attendance system attached or mailers attached.
Corporate websites aren’t made overnight but are made with lot of groundwork hence we gather the requirements, understand them and then provide solutions and design as per their choices and preferences.
There are many developers and designers and website design firms in the industry who design and Develop Corporate websites as per templates or have pretty standard things.
We do not believe in standards for a corporate website since a brand and its services are always different and a company always wants it to be different than others. Hence the need for custom built and designed corporate sites.
What we offer with corporate websites is:
1. On page seo optimized site
2. CMS capable website since there can be numerous pages in a Corporate websites
3. Cross browser compatibility as its all about the brand and it cannot look bad with respect to their brand.
4. Placeholders and highlighters in order to highlight certain parts, products or services on the website.
5. Gallery, forms and other capability in order to support increase in number of pages.
Our portfolio of Corporate websites is huge and some of our recent corporate websites are:
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So what are you waiting for. Kindly contact us to get yourself a corporate website and boost your business.
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