Successful Ecommerce websites are those which not only have quality website design but also are professional enough to sell the products themselves.
The key to selling products online is not just having a fancy ecommerce website design which wow’s everyone but also have it user friendly and also seo friendly ecommerce website design so that more and more traffic comes out of searches and keywords on Search Engines.
Ways to develop Ecommerce Site:
So there are various ways you can have ecommerce website design and with a plethora of software’s and online tools you sometimes wonder what to do and where to go.
We tell you what you need to do. Tell us your budget, give us your product images and just relax. We do the rest.
Isn’t that easier than going and learning yourself about various ecommerce platforms and then selecting one of them, paying for hosting separately, learning the platform which has its own learning curve and then placing the products on it which might not be that user friendly.
Our Process:
What we do instead for our ecommerce website design service is:
1. We gather the requirements.
2. Get the ecommerce website design ready as per your color choice and layout preferences.
3. Have clean xhtml coding for ecommerce websites.
4. Select an ecommerce website platform from OsCommerce, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, prestashop, interspire etc. and then suggest you why anyone of the following is suitable for your ecommerce website.
5. Teach you and train you for 90 days on how to update your ecommerce website and keep it updated and then help you upload your site on your server.
6. Above all help you understand the SEO process and have seo titles, tags etc written and loaded on your new ecommerce website.
Our Difference:
So while others are just writing about how good their ecommerce web solution is and why you should use their platform, we use one among the best ecommerce web solutions available, have a design at par with the competition and get your site SEO friendly and editable and updated at clicks of your mouse.
So that you just don’t end up placing your Ecommerce website online but have an Ecommerce website design which sells your products.
Some of the recent projects we have done in Ecommerce:
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Buying behaviour in Ecommerce site:
There are many who might be interested in future products and there are many who may just want to enquire about the product first instead of buying on an Ecommerce website. To cater to this situation we have clear and clean forms all over the site and also phone numbers and email on headers and footers mentioned on all the pages so that it’s easier for someone to just ring or mail you up and enquire about a product before making his/her purchase.
We also offer to have cross selling possible via coding so that if someone buys a laptop for example the accessories like webcam, external mouse and speakers are also recommended to the buyer.
Best way to optimize and use the traffic for any website is to have the best conversion ratio by having various selling points, clear phone numbers and communication methods mentioned and forms visible all through the website. It also depends on the process of buying. So we work to reduce the buying process by having minimum forms and 1 click checkouts so that buying is easier on your website.
So don’t just wait get yourself a trendy and nice looking website which will sell your products with much ease. Contact us today for a FREE quote.