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To unleash the full extent of your business it is recommended that you go for WordPress development services. Not only will this improve the aesthetics of your business website, but also elevate its growth. For instance, by using our web development services your websites can become robust, flexible, user-friendly, and responsive.

Typically, the services included as part of WordPress development comprise the development of custom websites, designing WordPress themes, site security analysis, and installation of plugins like Yoast WooCommerce SEO. Our company also provides other WordPress services like API integration, PSD and HTML to WordPress conversion, website optimization, redesigning, and more.

At Shri Krishna Technologies, we believe in rendering cost-effective solutions to help your business thrive in the market. We furnish you with different packages depending on your needs. For small to medium businesses, our development charges are INR 25,000 on average. For large corporations and enterprises, our package costs around INR 42,000. We also provide an e-commerce development package priced at INR 50,000.

Yes, development services help in website migration. If you want to move your current website from another host to WordPress, you can deploy our WordPress migration services. We also include HTML to WordPress and PSD to WordPress conversion solutions in our website migration services. We carefully evaluate data such as administrative tools and designs that need to be migrated.

WordPress development services are excellent for e-commerce websites. With the help of these services, you can effortlessly build responsive, robust, and SEO-friendly websites. WordPress is cost-effective, safe, and offers flexibility in comparison to other CMS systems. It offers smooth customization and integration, ease of use, etc. Using the help of WordPress development services you can easily incorporate various plugins like WooCommerce to customize your website and make it engaging.

We provide ongoing support as part of our WordPress development services. Customer-oriented solutions are the core of the power of Shri Krishna Technologies. Our team of seasoned developers and domain experts assist you from the beginning of a project to its end. One of the benefits of utilizing our services is that you get ongoing maintenance and support from certified professionals.

We help businesses of all scales and forms to dive their way into digital presence. Our service package includes WordPress and website development services and authentic digital marketing solutions. We also provide hiring of WordPress developers as part of our services. We boast over a decade of expertise in providing affordable, exceptional, and reliable solutions to various brands.

To cater to the needs of your business, we extend our White Labelling solutions. With our white labeling services at your aid, you can scale up your business process and deliver satisfactory results to your end consumers. Whether B2B or B2C, our white-labeled WordPress development services can elevate your business to new horizons.

You can reach out to us via the contact details mentioned on the contact us page. We are happy to serve answers to your questions or fix some things that you need. But we do charge for it on hourly basis.

Yes, Of Course! The website we build is based on WordPress which is considered as the most popular Content Management System. This CMS is not only open source but also it is easy to learn and user-friendly. However, we ensure you that you will be able to use your new website very comfortably with less technical knowledge.

2-3 weeks is the estimated time for designing and building a new website. But considering various aspects the project length can be influenced. Aspects such as:

  • Design complexity
  • Size of a website
  • Content is ready or not
  • Whether you need an advanced feature or a simpler one
  • Input and timely feedback on our work

One-time build and design fee. Plus, ongoing costs will be charged for domain and hosting every year.

Our commitment is to provide you with an affordable and beautiful website. There are many aspects that need to consider while deciding the cost for your website project. However, our pricing structure is very nominal that will meet your needs without disturbing your actual budget. For, actual cost estimate please contact us.

Yes, definitely! for some instance, you might be thinking that we are a bit partial but you can believe us – with an amazing web presence you can actually make a major difference in the web world. Within a few seconds, the visitors landing on your website will start making decisions about your business. A great business website will encourage your visitors to use your services or products to fulfill their needs.

Yes, the chances are higher. The website design progress faster, therefore you always need a website that has a cutting edge design and follows all the latest trends. If your existing website is older than 5 years then it’s high time to get it redesigned.

Digital marketing is the holistic umbrella of online marketing which includes search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per click ads (PPC paid ads) and social media advertising and optimization (SMO).

Digital marketing contains all of the above. So promoting your website and services online has to be done digitally and that is why digital marketing is so important.

As per Statsfind 172 websites are created every minute and over 252,000 websites are done every day. This means in a year more than a million websites with more than a billion pages on search engines.

If everyone is just sharing information and if in your industry everyone does that then how are you going to target your kind of customers?

In order to specifically target customers and get sales or leads from the website it needs digital marketing to be done. Here are some of the benefits of doing digital marketing:

a. Increased brand awareness
b. Target reach to specific niche kind of customers
c. Target audience based on demographics, income and age
d. Cost effective as compared to traditional marketing
e. Measurable in terms of analytics and performance
f. Improved customer engagement
g. Lead generation becomes easier

Outsourcing Digital marketing services is easier because then you can focus on what matters the most which is running your business.

a. Access to skills and expertise of an experienced company and professionals
b. Cost saving in terms of hiring in house team rather than hire for turnkey project an outside freelance digital marketing company
c. Flexibility to scale and assign more workload
d. Focus on your own business and run the business rather than doing something else where you don’t have experience

a. By previous experience and client references
b. Portfolio of successful campaigns run in the past
c. Positive client testimonials
d. Industry latest trends
e. Transparent communication
f. Proper pricing

a. Help in building brand awareness
b. Target niche customers and audiences suitable for your business
c. Create cost-effective marketing campaigns withing budget and as per requirements

In the business of website designing and development since 2010 and have rich experience of over 14.5 years.

Hire WordPress developer from Shri Krishna Technologies. The packages are given directly on this page so that there is no ambiguity or confusion about the same. They are standard packages for standard websites. In case you have a custom website and requirement we also charge turnkey at $15 USD per hour and give you the charges based on the number of hours required to complete the project.

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire WordPress developer from Shri Krishna Technologies:

a. Proven expertise: Hiring our WordPress developers would mean that you get proven expertise over others. They have time and again proved their experience and expertise over and above others by doing mission critical projects easily. We have completed more than 6000+ websites from complex to large conglomerate to large news portals.

b. Tailored solutions: One size fits all this is not a shoe but a service business where every client and customer have different and unique needs and requirements and hence our approach is also tailored based on the same.

c. Attention to detail: We always ensure pixel perfect coding. And hence if you hire WordPress developer from us you are assured of getting pixel perfect resolution and responsive websites which is cross browser and cross device tested from our developers end.

d. Client-centric approach: We always believe the client needs to come first over anything else because ultimately the client is paying us the money to get the job done. So whatever way we can ensure that the client is happier and the process is easier for the client to update the website that approach is kept on top than anything else.

e. WordPress coding standards: We have released more than 120+ WordPress themes in the WordPress dot org repository and hence we are well aware of the WordPress theme codex standards and coding review to be followed. Our templates are theme check plugin passed and we also vet using security agencies like Patchstack and get our coding optimized from time to time.

f. Speed and performance: Ultimately any WordPress website developed should be tested for speed because no visitor likes slow website. A slow website increases bounce rates and hence speed of the website should be fast and the performance optimization is done if requested by our customer. For large websites it is by default included in the package however for small websites with limited budget the customer can avail this service so that we make their website core web vitals and page speed insights optimized.

g. Security: Security plugins compatibility is done and as mentioned above secured coding as per codex theme review standards is done so that a malware free and hack free website can be delivered to our customers. Secured coding ensures happy customer for lifetime.

h. Support: Support even after handing of the website is being provided from our end. Hence hire WordPress developer from us to get continued support and maintenance issues being resolved from our end rather than you searching for another developer to mess up your website with.

I believe the benefits are already given above in the previous question.

Here are some more:

a. Responsive design: Our WordPress developed websites and solutions are always tested for extensive responsive so that they are compatible with variety of browsers, devices like computers, laptops, desktops and mobile phones.

b. Affordable pricing: We believe in charging affordable and nominal so that it does not hurt your pocket. We charge a nominal rate of only $15 USD per hour which is far less than the $80 to $120 per hour charged by US developers with similar experience than us. Any start up and enterprise business can hence afford us easily and get their dream website ready in no time.

c. Timely delivery: We believe in adherence to timelines and hence keep in touch with the customer to realistically complete the project within deadlines. Most of the times the customer takes a lot of time to respond or goes on a vacation in between but we keep a check with the client to make them realise their goals and website needs on time. We have rave reviews about completing projects on time or before time.

d. Communication: We tend to keep the communication open via multiple channels like WhatsApp, Skype, Email and Google meet for reviews and screen sharing. Communication is the key to a successful website and hence we keep the customer informed at every stage and detail of where his website is at so it becomes easier for him to track the progress whenever he needs.

e. Troubleshooting: Sometimes customer wants to take the new website and do troubleshooting or make admin changes. While doing so they can face hurdles which is where we come into picture by guiding them.

f. Manual: We provide detailed manual after the WordPress website is completed from our end. Hence if you hire WordPress developer from us you also get proper documentation from our end.

g. Post launch support: Once the website is launched from Google analytics to setting up chat function or extra features if required at nominal rates or maintenance plans of every month doing some edits on clients behalf all of this is provided from our end.

Yes you can hire a WordPress developer for less than $15-$21 USD per hour.

Yes you can have complete customization and custom features on your website. We can develop from a WordPress theme or you can hire WordPress developer from us for developing the website from scratch.

Web development companies offer services like custom website designing, e-commerce site development, custom-built WordPress themes, and WordPress website development. Some companies also render web support and maintenance, CMS and plugin-specific development, website mitigation, web hosting, API integration, and more. According to the current needs of your business, you can opt for one or more of the web development services listed above.

The procedure for collaborating with a web development company varies from one business to another. When collaborating with a prospect we ensure the following steps. Conducting a consultation meeting, highlighting and describing the requirements of client business, defining necessities and add-ons, defining roles, and planning a solid structure for the web development.

What drives us apart from our competitors is our ability to deliver extensive, agile, and highly functional websites that adhere to industry standards. We ensure smooth project development, management, and optimization to furnish you with top-quality websites. With a portfolio highlighting successful projects over the past 14+ years, we are a top-of-the-line web development company with excellent core capabilities.

Yes, we offer various customized web development services catering to your business needs. These include bespoke WordPress website development, CMS integration in your website, front-end and back-end website development, e-commerce development, etc. We also exceptionally provide customized website marketing, hosting, optimization, maintenance, and more.

Yes, we provide maintenance services required by various businesses as part of our website development offerings. Our team of certified developers is proficient in maintaining and managing different types of websites. We also excel in delivering impeccable website support and monitoring services. Additionally, we also aid you in website installation and configuration services.

We deliver a wide arena of websites as part of our development services. Our company specializes in curating websites for a variety of businesses including educational, commercial, B2C businesses, B2B businesses, and more. This includes creating online forums, personal blogs, portfolio websites, WordPress and e-commerce websites, etc. Likewise, we render the development of NGO websites, news and media websites, social media websites, and more.

If you are going to develop your website using WordPress and in case you are not a developer or a designer then you should hire a WordPress development company.

a. Experience and expertise: We have over 15 years of website design and development experience and over 14 years of WordPress development company experience. Hence while choosing a company you should always choose more experienced ones.

b. Skills: You should always check whether the desired skills are present with the WordPress development company or not. If some company says they have the skills then a sample small project can be given to test. If the company claims, showcases case studies then talking to their references is sufficient and one can judge by their expertise and domain knowledge.

c. Customization: Customization abilities and how well the coding of the WordPress website has been done determine if the customer can easily customize the website. A good WordPress development company will provide good customization options in their website solutions.

d. Design: Design wise the aesthetics and the UI should look good and pleasing. Look for a WordPress development company whose portfolio is extensive and showcases design capabilities as per your design and look and feel choices.

e. SEO: SEO-wise coding should be optimized. Silos structure should be used and the coding standards used should be compatible with popular SEO plugins.

f. Responsive: Responsive design and fluid design is what is preferred when the WordPress website is coded. That will mean your coded website is compatible with a large number of mobile, computers, desktops, laptops and tablets. Each has its own share of different resolutions of screens. Also cross browser testing is done while doing responsive websites. Always go with a WordPress development company offering such solutions.

g. Support after going live: Support after the website goes live is important because if some company delivers a broken website and disappears then it becomes troublesome for the customer to find another company and hire them for someone else’s work.

h. Communication: Transparent and timely communication is important in website work. Because for such projects customer and the company are in different time zones so it is important to let the customer know about each and every step and inform them well in advance of what will be the schedule.

i. Budget and pricing: Budget and pricing should be reasonable so that it does not hurt the customer. Also for changes beyond the scope of the work the company should be willing to get the work done at nominal pricing and hourly rates so the customer remains happy.

j. Reviews and reputation: Check for online reviews and reputation of a company before selecting them. In this case our firm has good online reputation and online reviews available are of positive nature.

k. Project management: Project management tools used online and a structured process to cater to the entire project with proper workflow is provided by the company.

l. Security compliance: Security wise coding should be done and the website needs to be secured before making live so that it is possible to mitigate any unwanted attacks and spam or malware attacks on the website. Also the WordPress development company should be aware of DDOS mitigation and how to handle issues if any arise in future. Always look for agencies who know how to handle these things.

On average, the WordPress developer this company has is around 5-6 years with seniors having an experience of around 12-13 years. These developers have passed several online tests and have done many mission-critical projects in the past requiring deep knowledge of WordPress core, theme development from scratch and plugin development as well as modifications.

We provide WhatsApp, email as well as Google meet and Zoom provisions and a dedicated point of contact while your project is being developed by us. This way you are not confused as to whom to call and email.

The extensive list of our WordPress development services showcase our experience and wide variety of expertise. So for any WordPress problems we can be your go to partner.

We have developed more than 6000+ WordPress websites and our themes run in over 300,000+ websites.

We have been listed on WordPress dot org as one of the commercial theme authors.

Have released several hundreds of compliant WordPress themes and plugins to the repository and have extensive experience of over 15 years.

We have been awarded several times and have done government projects in the past. Our coding standards and experience as well as expertise speak for themselves.