HTML Websites were the talk of yesteryears when websites started. We used to have Static HTML Web Design during that time. But things have move forward so fast from then to now. Still there is a need for Quality HTML Websites.

1. Validation and cross browser compatibility of complex websites are still dependant on html of the site.
2. HTML Websites are still much needed for the following kinds of requirements:
a. Landing Page/Sales Page
b. Simple 4-5 page information website
c. Simple website saying coming soon announcing what’s in store for future.
d. Promotional site for a short time period.
So because of the above reasons HTML websites are still much in demand and hence clients and users still want html web designers.
HTML Websites have 3 important advantages:
1. Any kind of hosting would do. Nothing specific is required so you can opt for the cheapest available.
2. No special learning is required. All you need to do is open the html in notepad and know some bit of the coding.
3. Easy validation and clean css with div based coding.

Here are some of our recently done HTML Websites:
[nggallery id=13]

So if you are looking for hiring a HTML Web Design or developer. Contact us by filling the form or mail us at: [email protected]