Do you have a website which is already in Joomla and you need a blog along with it? or Do you like or love Joomla and want yourself a blog using Joomla? or you just want a blog and just thought joomla to be an option.

Well all of your questions would be answered in this article.
Joomla has been one of the powerful cms and has been around for quite sometime. Hence it has got its own share of fans. When one thinks of getting a blog normally one goes for Wordpress. We are one of the best in the industry for creating custom wordpress blog themes. If you need these services click here.
For Joomla as well we develop nice and trendy blogs. Now here is what you need for having a Joomla blog.
1. You need to have a Joomla website which is already running OR
2. You need to get yourself a brand new joomla set up for a blog

In both the cases Joomla set up is required and then you need either of these components or modules which come for nominal price:
1. Easy blog via Joomla ($59)
2. My blog component of Joomla ($35)

After this we need a design to go with the blog set up. If you are looking for creating Joomla blog designs click here.
We design cool and trendy joomla blogs and then upload them on your server.
For having a joomla blog all you need is a hosting and rest we will do. One can also have Wordpress blog for a joomla website. He/She will have to install the wordpress blog in a subdomain like
Characteristics and features of a Joomla blog are similar to Wordpress blog:
1. image browser
2. advanced wysiwyg editor
3. categories, rss feed
4. social media integration
5. Joomla commenting system
6. avatar support
7. fast templating system and easy dashboard for writing and editing blog posts.
8. Archives, Categories and tags like a normal blog

Now what we offer in order to make your blogging experience worthwhile:
1. Flexible layout
2. SEO friendly coding
3. XHTML coding
4. Commenting systems
5. Sitemaps and how to maintain the site training
6. Favicon
7. Take requirements and design and code the blog and make it live on your server so that you need not do anything
So what are you waiting for. If you love Joomla and want to use a blog but avoid learning Wordpress then come to us and we will create a beautiful blog for you at affordable prices.
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