Personal Website Design

Nowadays there are several professionals for various works of life. Like Electricians, plumbers, independent consultants, spiritual gurus, doctors, lawyers, engineers etc who work separately and privately.


Now to know about them and to know what they do and to get their information properly one needs to find them out in Google and other search engines.


But for making it easier for various clients to find about these professionals its essential they have everything about their information in a consolidated website.


With the services what they offer and what they specialize in and as well as which areas and locations they cover its important people can find them using these search terms as well.


For example for a wedding photographer in santa fe its important when people search wedding photographers santa fe his website comes up in google in the top 10 or 20 results for people to contact him.


Hence the need for a well optimized, clean and very professional personal website.


Shri Krishna Technologies offers its unique personal website design services where we ask the client to list his services and what he needs to highlight. We also give unlimited revisions on the design concept to get the perfect look the client seeks for.


Once that is done we code the website and have h1, h2 tags, alt tags, meta tags and other on page seo optimization techniques so that the site is perfect in terms of Google and when someone searches the client with the particular keywords it comes up in Google search results.


We also offer basic seo services for a few months to optimize the site to bring it up in the top 10 or 20 results of


Now there are 10 steps in making a good and professional personal website design:


Logo –

Its important the logo of the website is properly done in order to make your brand look not just unique but also tell the world instantly by looking at the logo what is it that you do. The logo is often textual for professionals with an illustration or a graphic attached to it for branding the primary service.



This is also an important part of your branding with you telling the world what makes you or your service unique. Things that can be included in your tagline are where do you put up, what you do and how or what is your primary service. Like for a divorce lawyer in California he can have a tagline:
Orange County CA Divorce and Family Law Attorney


Services –

Your tagline and logo summed up what you primarily do. But there may be other services as well which are of interest and you do them equally good. Also you might want to explain about your services better and also offer different packages. Make it clear, specific and list all your services in this page for users to see and understand about your services.


Portfolio –

Large and clear and visible images always connect with people. It is 100 times better to make people understand via images than text. Nowadays most people don’t have time and its better if they click on portfolio and you have various galleries which are easy accessible and viewable they might just click and look at the images and contact you for work.


About Me –

A short bio and summary about you is important which makes clients feel that you are genuine and they are in safe hands when they can contact you for their work. The more details you can give regarding your work related to services you offer the better it is. Also don’t shy away to show off your awards and recognitions. Your image will also be good in about me section as people will know who they will deal with.


Social Networking tools and follow me options –

In age of Facebook and Twitter its important you have accounts with the famous social networking sites and your website connects well with these platforms so that one can comment on your blog using social networking tools or whenever you post anything and want to share you can share them quickly on all your social networking sites with just a click.


Call to action –

When someone reads about you or your services or has a look at your portfolio its always important to have a call to action like contact me, or a form or call me or email so that if the user wants he can do so quickly from that page itself without having to click anywhere else. We recommend having phone number or email on top or header section for a personal website design.


Contact –

Contact page and form is very important for any website so that people can quickly contact you for your services. It should be obvious easy to access and understandable. Don’t make it too fancy but keep it simple for one to contact you via any mode of communication like email, skype or IMs like gtalk etc, contact form, and phone numbers.


Blog –

Its important that you keep on updating your website regularly nowadays so that search engines give your site priority. Plus its also helps one gain more traffic and visibility through blog postings as one might use your content or it auto posts on facebook and twitter and other sites giving more visibility to your site. So its always better to keep posting about. Now what can you post in your blog:

1. It can be about your latest works.

2. Can be about your latest clients which were important.

3. Some new service you started providing.

4. Something knowledgeable which usually no professionals share.


Target Market –

It should be clear and obvious which area you are covering and hence title tags, keywords, posts or articles or content on the website as well as the image tags should be optimized properly. So for a lawyer in California he should keep “California” keyword in services, about me, contact, and his blog posts and tagline for people to identify his area of location. For a child doctor he can similarly use children, child or toddlers in his content.