Whenever someone enters your restaurant the first part that hits him is the ambience. Hence it’s very important that the ambience of a restaurant is very nice. Then of course the most important factor is the taste of the food.

Now in a similar fashion when someone enters your restaurant website it should show the same ambience effect and the great tasty foods that the restaurant is known for. We seek to do the same for your restaurant website.

Shri Krishna Technologies offers its Restaurant Website Designing services for Restaurant owners.

Imagine you have a restaurant at Chicago and someone searches for best Chinese food Chicago and your website comes at the top position.

The visitor visits your site and your website convinces him of the authentic and tasty Chinese food you cook. He is sure to give your restaurant a visit.

It’s very important and necessary that the colour schemes, introductory copy, appetites, menu, and location are present in the website to make a client get everything at the click of a mouse.

Here is what we offer to all our restaurant website clients:

  1. Post your menu’s online with our easy to add menu interface in the CMS. Here in the website you will be able to update the menu items daily as you wish and have the rate chart displayed.
  2. Special Offers or Coupons: Give your clients daily a run for the mill offer with daily coupons or specials. Make these coupons available for printing for your clients. These highly customizable coupons can be added easily via the cms backend.
  3. Promote your website by sharing with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube among others.
  4. Location and Google Map are the most important feature so that your site visitors know your location hence we have the CMS which is easy to manage and add a google map from backend. Even if you open your restaurant at a new location you can have multiple google maps and location details on your site.
  5. Picture and Video Gallery: Have a great picture or video gallery for special occasions, your staff, your menu items, videos of how a special culinary was prepared, share some tips etc with your visitors of the site. Share your staff and your pictures and your restaurant pictures on the website. Pictures they say do most of the talking and hence are very important part of any website.
  6. Update daily specials and events on the Events calendar on the site so that your important clients may know what is latest happening in your restaurant. You may also inform about any food festival happening in your restaurant using the events calendar.
  7. Accept reservations from visitors to your site directly using reservation order forms. Reserve a table for a guest or a corporate using this great feature.
  8. Display hours: Display hours for your restaurant correctly and you can update it with changing times regularly.
  9. Support: We have an annual contract of 1 year for easy updates as well as we have training support of 90 days so that clients understand how to update the site easily and effectively on their own if they want to. If not we are always there to help you.

Why Choose Us?

Our offer includes the following for you:

  1. Get placed in Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Lycos etc.
  2. Get Domain and Hosting free for 1 year with the restaurant package. Domain and Hosting costs $100 annually after 1 year.
  3. Get SEO friendly coding which is coded using HTML 5 and XHTML.
  4. You don’t require any prior knowledge of website coding or editing to use our CMS. Just basic computer skills to edit the site.
  5. Mobile friendly website. All our restaurant websites are mobile friendly so that anyone visiting your site using his Blackberry or iPhone should be able to easily access your site.
  6. Own the source code and the designs. All our restaurant designs are unique and hence you own the source code and the design after the site has been completed.
  7. Copyright free: Mostly web designers around the world use copyrighted images and ask you to buy them. We buy those images ourselves for you and then use it on your site so that your site is copyright free. Also all your content is reviewed using copyscape and other tools so that they are not mistakenly matched to any content on any site around the world.
  8. Use of web safe fonts so that phones as well as other browsers could easily open up your website and see the same things.
  9. No flash, we use all html 5 coding which is mobile friendly and other browser friendly and takes very less time to load.
  10. KISS: We follow Keep It Simple Stupid strategy for all our websites so that any client who comes on the site should understand what it is about quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a tasty and appetizing restaurant website design today.