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Drupal is such a vast CMS that even this page will fall short while writing about it.

So lets start. Drupal CMS as other most of the cms like Wordpress is free of cost and is downloadable with GNU license. Drupal is mostly used for sites which have the potential of expanding and the owner needs the site flexible as well. Drupal is ofcourse known for its scalability.

With the introduction of Drupal many multi-lingual sites, multi-domain sites managed via a single admin panel have evolved on it. Reason being its easy to use cms which works as an intranet and can be used as a single cms for multiple sub domains or languages.

So if you are looking for building some great corporate website for your company which has operations and offices in multiple locations and you want separate micro sites for all locations to be managed via a single cms and admin panel. Drupal is your answer.

Having said the above i don’t also shy from the fact that drupal has the potential of being used in the following kind of applications as well:

1. Digg Clone: Need yourself a traffic building site where users share important info with the world. Drupal gets you through that easily.
2. Weblog: Even though Wordpress has got immense blogging capaibility but there are some who like and know how powerful Drupal is and after wordpress, Drupal is there choice of Weblog.
3. News Portal: If you are looking for a magazine style website where multiple feeds can be accessed and in different ways news from all over the world can be presented. Drupal is the right choice.
4. Info and awareness website: Although all kinds of CMS can be used for building an info website including Joomla, Wordpress as well. But Drupal offers free newsletter modules for sharing info with subscribers and donation and paypal integration. It also has several community modules to make it more search and social media friendly.
5. Ecommerce websites: Although Magento, OsCommerce and several other commerce platforms are used more popularly for selling online. Drupal Ubercart and Drupal Ecommerce with other modules are also popular because of their ease of use and its ready made features.

Ubercart comes ready with payment modules like PayPal, Google Checkout, WorldPay, Credit Card etc. Also it has many shipping modules like Fedex, UPS, USPS in-built making it very easy to set up and use for the client.

Drupal also has got a vast number of affiliate shop modules and amazon modules to set up stores for clients who want to just set up an info website and sell their products using Yahoo or Amazon.

Some of the awesome facts about Drupal:

Drupal has won many awards:
1. Webware 100 awards for best CMS in 2009 for the 3rd consecutive year against 300 competitors.
2. Webware 100: 2007,2008,2009.
3. Packt Publishing 2009 Hall of Fame

white-houseSome of important government websites that use Drupal include The White House.

Publish and manage content from the frontend itself with Drupal. It allows you to edit content on the frontend and check it that time itself unlike other CMS.

Who uses Drupal?
With more than 3,000,000 downloads it has in its showcase: web portals, community blog sites, personal sites, discussion sites, corporate website, affiliate sites, ecommerce websites and social networking sites.

Having said all this wonder if you are looking for Drupal services since having read the potential of this cms you would want to have your site developed using Drupal.

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