Well this is a personal experience of mine and this is not any rating or survey result. But yes we think they are the most influential in wordpress arena and they have a lot of work done on Twitter as well and people do follow them and so do we.

Here is the list:

1. Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt)
Matt Mullenweg the co founder and one of the most powerful coders of Wordpress has to be on the top. The best thing about him is that he takes time to answer to thousands of queries that go on Wordpress support or tweets and tells answers to them personally which i quite like about him. He just did Wordpress at a very young age and is still in his 20’s.

2. Joost de Valk (@yoast)
He is the owner of yoast.com and writes regularly about wordpress and seo tools. He also has created a lot of wordpress projects and plugins and can be seen at his own website. Also he knows quite a lot about seo. His tweets are useful sometimes combining SEO and Wordpress as well. Do follow him.

3. Theme Forest (@themeforest)
ThemeForest is a sister in concern of Envato market place group and they sell wordpress themes via other people or their own themes. It is one of the largest market places for wordpress themes and they share a lot of resources about wordpress new themes and features. Useful resource if someone is searching for new theme resources.

4. Chris Pearson(@personified)
Chris Pearson is the founder and author of one of the best wordpress themes in the world the Thesis theme. His Thesis theme which has all kinds of options to be changed from the admin panel itself is very popular. His reviews and updates are definitely worth reading and he also shares a lot about newer things going around wordpress and latest plugins.

5. Adii (@adii)
Adii co founder Woo themes is one of the most p=influential persons in the wordpress community. His works include the famous and nicely done themes at woo themes. Woo themes also are one of the most popular paid themes like Studiopress and are widely used. His tweets should be followed for new resource on wordpress themes. He also shares his insights on various topics in his blog and hence the twitter as well.

6. Jean-Baptiste Jung (@catswhocode)
Creates killer free themes under the name WP Recipes. Some are free and some are paid ones. But the work of his is really killer and he writes important codes and snippets of how to use where for the tweaking and stuff. Worth following.

7. Ian Stewart (@iandstewart)
Creator of another framework of theme in wordpress called
Thematic. You can check his blog he has already written some awesome content and useful resources. No wonder why Google places his PR at 6. His tweets are just right and you should follow them if you are serious about getting good articles and know how on Wordpress.

8. Jeff Chandler (@wptavern)
Jeff is the host of popular weekly podcasts at: WPTavern.com which runs a blog and forum and has very useful podcasts which talk about wordpress and how to bend them at your own will.

9. Brian Gardner (@bgardner)
Brian Gardner founder of E Junkie ecommerce plugin Studiopress created revolution same like Thesis themes and is one of the most powerful and most used themes in Wordpress. Hence this guys tweets are worth following.

10. WP Limits(@wplimits)
Very useful content and themes and plugins. His resource is so good that his blog also has a high PR. Nice tweets and always keeps updated with latest plugins and themes. Good resource. Person’s name is Nathan Bary.

Do let us know your list of 10 influential wordpress twitter-ers.

Shri Krishna Tech