Turn Your WordPress Website Into a Mobile App

The recent technological advancement and programming of the themes have made most of the website mobile friendly. There is still a huge online traffic that you might not have been able to tap due to the missing mobile app. The mobile apps make a smoother experience and hence the visitors love using an app over a website in most cases.


Of course, it is difficult to create a mobile app from scratch, and hence the best way to bring about the same user’s experience by turning the website in a functional mobile app is by using effective plug-ins. These plug-ins get the job done in a fraction of the cost.


The process is simple and the plug-in is professional, reading below you will find the best plug-ins which will help you in your quest. But before you take that plunge you must determine whether having a mobile app is what your business need right now.


Do You Need a Mobile App?


There is no doubt that the customizable and fine user experience which the apps offer has increased the mobile traffic. It is proved by the increased use that the customized and highly responsive websites which are compatible with various devices is great but the use of the mobile app is considered way better in some cases.


Not every business, however, require a mobile app. The business should analyze that by using a mobile app the users will benefit from it and it will improve their shopping experience then you should opt for getting a mobile app, if not then maybe now is not the right time to get the app.


Your product and the buying should be possible and user-friendly for the business to opt for having a website. Check for the behavior of the audience to see whether there is a need for an app.


The devices used for accessing the website also bring out interesting metrics which will help the business make better business decisions.


When you have established that you will require a mobile app then the next thing that is needed is that it should be low cost for the business to be able to maintain the profit margin.


The best way to turn the website into an app is by using the plugin.

The website owners know that if you are planning to get a mobile app then it comes at a cost. The owners’ then worry about the app not being able to take off then the whole burden will be a waste.


The users should be happy knowing that there are a lot of WordPress plug-ins that get the work done with ease. The use of these plug-ins like any other plug-in will not break the back of the business with such huge cost.


The website owners will be able to taste what having an app will be like without taking the huge risks. Here are a few plug-ins which will make the whole process simple and quick.



This one is a blessing as it takes the website and turns it into a mobile app without much efforts from the website owners. The service provides an offer to the user to choose from MobiLoud News and MobiLoud Canvas.


The MobiLoud News is designed focusing on blogs and news websites while the other MobiLoud Canvas is multipurpose which can convert all kind of websites( e-commerce, community, conference, directory, event etc.) in a mobile app which is useful for all platforms majorly the popular one’s Android and iOS.


MobiLoud is a time-saving option which allows the users to immediately create a mobile app which can be shared immediately on Google Play or Appstore account and if you want then you can even charge for every download made.


MobiLoud is a great option for creating Android and iOS app by saving a lot of time. It is compatible with WooCommerce and BuddyPress which is a must for many websites who make sales using websites. It also supports mobile advertising.



AppPresser is a mobile app solution that allows the users to build mobile apps which are useful for both Android and iOS system both. The AppPresser is an extra layer which is built on top of the WordPress and PhoneGap.


This is a great open source platform which makes the developer feel that they are at the right place as it provides a high level of customization.


This is a simple way to create an app right from the scratch using this source. It is important that the user has some technical background as the service will require some professional experience.


Someone from the non-technical background will find it a little difficult to work with the app solution. It is useful for all kind of website which includes WooCommerce apps, conference apps, school apps etc.



This one is a premium WordPress plug-in which allows the website to be changed to a full mobile app. The responsive website can be converted by using the features that completely changes the experience of the user. The wide range of features includes splash screen, push notification, analytics etc.


This one is a simple option amongst them all, in fact, all you need to do is follow 4 simple steps to get a functional mobile app.


You do not have to code a single line to get what you want. This is again fully customizable service which has drawers and built-in-tabs that can be colored and made to look the way they want.


This one can be changed or made into a money generation app. There are a lot of supporting documentation to get the job done. The tutorials are also there which are in the form of videos which makes learning fun and simple.


It is entirely up to the makers to choose what service they like and what they would want it to look like. There are many options and the website owners can make a decision going through the features. The business owners should think of the cost and weigh them against the returns to find what they want.