Shri Krishna Technologies is a Web Design Company which offers premium website designing services at affordable rates.
If this is your first time you are looking for website designing services from a web design company we suggest some factors you should consider:

1. Appearance of a website is very important and hence its important the web design company you select offers revisions on the design. We offer unlimited revisions on the design concept.

2. SEO is very important nowadays because this is how your site gets noticed. Hence its very important that the best web design company you select as per your requirements offers seo friendly website.

3. Mobile compatibility has become not just a requirement but a need nowadays with more than 41% users in USA opting for websites via their smart phones like iPhone, Drioid, Windows etc. Hence its very important that custom web design is made by the web design company so that it is mobile compatible.
4. Cross browser compatibility is another such need because many users use different browsers other than the popular ones like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Hence we give browser compatibility for more than 10 browsers for any of our professional web design services which include: IE 9,8,7, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and others and in both Windows and Mac OS.
5. A professional web design company also offers other custom services with a website like a free favicon (this is the icon
which appears at the top of the browser on any website). See the S on our site in the browser URL.
6. It should also offer right technology for the right kind of website which includes:
a. CMS (Content Management Systems) Websites
b. HTML websites
c. Ecommerce Websites
d. Corporate Websites
e. Music/Band Websites
f. Social Networking Websites
g. Custom PHP Websites

Contact: So in short if you are looking for a professional web design company which offers custom web design services at affordable rates just click here or click on the contact button on the right and get yourself a website which is at par with the competition.