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In the 1990s and in the first 2000s, only CSS and HTML were used for website development. Then the content was added, and then it was launched. Back in those days, there was nothing to worry about the maintenance of WordPress maintenance because it did not exist.

Your job was done, and you only had to let it sit there and do its work. People did not have to worry about making their website secure or attaining excellent loading times.

In those days, websites were simple and acted as online brochures. However, at present, websites have become highly complex, and on being used correctly, they can be the best machines for marketing that can potentially help you in getting new customers and leads.

But because of the complexity, you need to do more work for maintaining the present websites, or you can opt for WordPress management services from Shri Krishna Technologies.

The list is endless when it comes to the maintenance of WordPress websites. But, our experts at Shri Krishna Technologies can completely manage WordPress websites for freelancers, agency partners, and website owners.

It does not matter if you want us to manage one website or support thousands of client websites; we will cover your back.

Why work with us?

  • When you opt for WordPress management services from us, you get 24/7 support. We prioritize remote work environments, and we have our staff working from here in India and serving people across the world.
  • We allow the customers to talk for themselves. Our first priority goes to customer satisfaction. You can go through online reviews to see how many happy clients we have.
  • We partner with marketing firms, freelancers, and design agencies by giving an effective and simple white-label solution. In case you have customers or clients who want performance enhancement, ongoing site edits, extra security, or any type of daily maintenance, we can step in as your tech partner.
  • Everyone needs to be offered resources for managing their websites. And that is why we offer plenty of free resources as well.

How to maintain your WordPress website?

Follow the given below steps if you want to maintain your WordPress website correctly:


This is one of the most important steps that you need to take. In case anything goes wrong, it can mess up your website slightly, break it down, and make it go in a blink of an eye.

So, what you can do is, keep a backup of your website. And after anything goes wrong, you can restore it from there.

For backing up your website, you do not need to be a computer genius. WordPress offers you an array of options. Several free options are there that lets you back up your website manually and then restore it anytime. Our WordPress management services can help you to take backup of your website.

Why are off-site backups important?

Most of the options will let you store your website’s backup on the server of your hosting platform. It makes things easy and fast to fetch the backup.

In case the host of your website faces any issue, you will have to restore your website, then you will not have access to the backup. In the worst scenario, you may totally lose your backup.

Therefore, if you are diligent and smart, it is essential to keep an off-site backup which you can store in Google Drive, Dropbox, or anywhere else.

You can use UpdraftPlus. With its free version, you can perform a backup with a single click anytime. It lets you for off-site backups to Google Drive, Dropbox, and several other platforms.

Also, restoring the website from the backup is simple and can also be done with a single click of a button.

Update regularly:

A popular misconception among the owners of the website is that after you have your website built, you need to set it up and do nothing. You can allow it to sit without the need to touch it. This is wrong.

However, if you are making use of WordPress management services that perform every software update, you may never need to touch it. But you can also make use of a self-hosted WordPress.

Why update?

WordPress is constantly developing. New features are added, bugs are fixed, and security holes are rectified.

This means the code is also undergoing constant updates. So, when WordPress is getting updated, all the vital element parts like plugins and themes need to be updated as well.

Update core, plugins, and themes:

If any update is available for a plugin, a theme, or a core, do it immediately. Also, do the security update if available instantly. It will make your site less vulnerable to all the evil-doers.

But before you make any update, take a backup of your website so that if anything goes wrong, you can restore it easily and then investigate where things went wrong while making the update.

Optimize the database:

Do not keep any extra junk in your WordPress database.

WordPress is CMS (content management system) that is driven by a database. This means every component of your site, including the content of the pages, blog posts, and also your website’s name, is stored in one database.

With time this database can bloat and be full of excessive junk like unused tags and categories, spam or unapproved comments, deleted posts, and post revisions.

The accumulation of junk can slow down your site. So, keeping it clean will keep your site fast and healthy.

You can make use of Plugins like WP-Sweep that can make it super-easy to optimize the database. The plugin will show the extra things in your database that needs to be cleared. Shri Krishna Technologies offers you the best WordPress management services for database optimization.

Make use of a security plugin:

Protecting the website is a must for the site owners. If you are making use of a paid service to manage WordPress hosting completely, then you do not need to worry.

But if you are not doing it, all your security needs are not covered. The good news is that several low-cost and free services and plugins are there that can secure your website easily.

Nowadays, whether it is a small website or a big one, it has the risk of getting hacked. So, it is best to consider WordPress management services.

Look for a plugin that can be great for your all-over security and helps you to find instant resolvable problems and resolve them. Such plugins will show you good security practices and will help you to carry them out.

You can also choose a plugin that has a simple interface and offers a WAF (Web Application Firewall). It will prevent you from malicious activities. Look for the plugin that can help you to clean the hacked websites and also protect you from future threats.

Clear out the comments:

While allowing comments on your post, ensure that anything is not standing in the queue. For moderating all the comments getting in, ensure that the queue is clear.

In case you have any deleted comments, keep the trash emptied. You can make use of a plugin or WordPress management services to get rid of all the deleted comments permanently.

Also, there is an existence of spam comments. If you are not putting systems proactively in place to keep them under control, you can end up having hundreds of them.

In place of moderating them or marking them as spam comments, put a tool to use that will remove the spam comments automatically on behalf of you. You will never have to see them or need to deal with that stuff.

Maintain search engine optimization:

The best medium for people to discover you is through search engines like Bing and Google. But it is not a matter of people discovering you in their search results and then visiting your website. Everything does not happen that easily, and you need to perform proactive work.

This process is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. With WordPress management services by your side, you can perform the easy part.

For the search engine metadata, Yoast SEO can be a fruitful choice. It comes with both paid and free versions. The free version is very powerful.

Google Search Console is a powerful tool that can align correctly with Yoast SEO. With Google Search Console, you can submit your site to Google so that it gets correctly crawled, effectively indexed, and appropriately displayed in the SERP. In short, you need to do less work and allow Google to take care of things.

Maintain website content:

When it comes to maintenance of the content of your website, you will not need to make use of any fancy Plugins. All you need to do is think about your website and monitor it proactively.

See if there is any content existing on your site that has become irrelevant, see if there are any blog posts that do not fit the need of your present website, or see if you can delete them and no one will miss them. The WordPress management services will help you to see all the unrequired content so that you can delete it as soon as you can.

Go through the old content, and check if any of those contents can be refreshed. See if there is any content that you can make ever-green.

You need to understand that evergreen content will always stay relevant. For example, when you educate the visitors of your visit on how to perform something, it is evergreen. Giving the visitors a recap on a time-based event is not evergreen.

In 5 years, people will not care about a recapped event from 5 years prior. But the visitors will like to learn about that particular thing that you educate them. Thus, a 5-year-old article where the visitors are taught how to do a particular thing may require updating but will remain relevant and thus evergreen.

Maintain the speed of a website:

Speed tests need to be run regularly on a website to check how fast the site loads. A speed test program will inform you about the places where improvement is needed for boosting the speed of your website.

You may need to employ someone having technical knowledge or opt for WordPress management services to make some of such improvements. But there are several non-technical modifications that you can perform for boosting the speed of your site without needing the help of a developer.

It is essential to run all these tests daily. In major cases, people run all the tests in the initial stage and then implement all the recommendations, and then completely forget about all these things.

However, within months will keep on adding new images, content, plugins, and several other components to the WordPress website. The bigger your website becomes, the slower it will become.

At Shri Krishna Technologies, we offer the best WordPress management services so that the speed of your website remains intact.

Several tools are available out there that you can put to use for running speed tests. The speed tests will offer you letter grades (A means Excellent, and F means not-so-good), in particular areas, and superb recommendations to make improvements.

Often, the recommendations are minimizing the HTTP requests, making use of a CDN or Content Delivery Network, and minifying the CSS. All these can be sorted out with some technical chops, online tools, and plugins.

Once in a quarter, the speed tests need to be run. It makes sure that your website runs fast. If you own a website that loads slow, you will lose visitors, and you will eventually lose your revenue.

Our team at Shri Krishna Technologies can manage everything you need for your website.

Maintaining a website is not that easy, especially things that can prove to be very daunting when you plan to make your own site. But the good news is that it can be done, and you do not require to be a genius for fulfilling this purpose.

With consistency, armed up with WordPress plugins, and tools, you can always be one step ahead of your competitors in the field. When it is about maintaining the website’s health, we at Shri Krishna Technologies can help you to do so with our robust WordPress management services.

Apart from website health, search results and content health are important as well. You need to make sure that everything is updated and is relevant. It will help you to get new visitors and eventually convert them into customers.

Shri Krishna Technologies offers you every aspect of the classiest WordPress support services. Right from speed optimization to countless website edits, our expert engineers have you covered to make your website an amazing one.

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